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I was so happy to finally reveal the first exclusive bottling for The Whisky Explorer Society with Vice President and Co-Founder of Single Cask Nation, Jason Johnstone-Yellin!The whisky selected is a 9 Year Blended Malt and it is the perfect whisky for those who want to experience a whisky that elevates itself to extraordinary levels after each and every sip!It is a blend of Edrington Malts - you know that company that owns Macallan? But over the years they have owned multiple distilleries and one of the first was actually Bunnahabhain 😯 when it was known as Robertson and Baxter...

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Known as the BEST bourbon you’ll never taste, find out why below!Happy National Bourbon Heritage Month and to kick it off here is a legendary spirit, A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16 Years Old, distilled in the Spring of 1974.This extraordinary Bourbon had a long, dramatic journey from its inception. In fact, the history behind A.H. Hirsch Reserve speaks volume about why it is not just the finest American bourbon ever made, but indeed a rare National artifact.The sublime, amber-colored whiskey in this bottle was distilled in 1974 in small copper pot-stills of Michter’s Distillery. Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, the...

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A whiskey 400 years in the making!Let’s take some time to talk about Bushmills! I dove deep in the cabinet and found this expression, a limited edition, the Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary bottling in which I acquired back in 2008!On the 20th of April 1608, a license was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips to “make, draw and distil” Uisce Beatha within the territory called The Rowte in County Antrium.This original grant to distil is the first official written evidence of whiskey making in the Bushmills area. It was a fitting tribute to the reputation that this small and remote region...

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