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At one point in my whisky journey, my collection consisted of mostly Glenlivet expressions. Now you’re asking yourself - really Mike, Glenlivet? I was drawn to the Glenlivet Single Casks Range and at one point I had seventeen of them! The highlight was the original single cask ever released from the distillery, the 40 Year Atlantic which was released in 2005!There was something special about these releases as the team focused on selecting great quality casks based on flavor profile and of which country they will be released in. Now when it comes to blends, a master blender can create...

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There’s always one question I get asked by whisky enthusiasts and I’ll let you know it and the answer by the time you finish reading this post!A little over 15 years ago I had my very first taste of single malt whisky. A bottle in which was gifted to me in December of 2005. I have to be honest, I was intimidated by it - Scotch Whisky that is.It remained in my cabinet surrounded by other spirits as I didn’t know how to approach it. All I ever heard of scotch was it’s for your dad and grandfather, and that...

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